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Did you know that Moses of the Old Testament was a comedian?  Well he was!  Just look at the book of Deuteronomy 20: 5-8:

 5 And the officers shall speak unto the people, saying, What man is there that hath built a new house, and hath not dedicated it? let him go and return to his house, lest he die in the battle, and another man dedicate it.   6 And what man is he that hath planted a vineyard, and hath not yet eaten of it? let him also go and return unto his house, lest he die in the battle, and another man eat of it.   7 And what man is there that hath betrothed a wife, and hath not taken her? let him go and return unto his house, lest he die in the battle, and another man take her.   8 And the officers shall speak further unto the people, and they shall say, What man is there that is fearful and fainthearted? let him go and return unto his house, lest his brethren’s heart faint as well as his heart.

If this were written today, the punchline would have been “. . . Then the officer says, ‘Is anyone here afraid? If you are, then go home before you scare the daylights out of the rest of us!’ “


Now I don’t take the Bible lightly because it is God’s word straight from His mouth to our ears.  And as my father used to say “The Good Lord has to have a sense of humor because He created the common man.”  Yes, God does have a sense of humor, He’s not all hell, fire and brimstone!  If He didn’t have a sense of humor, most of us would have been gone a long time ago.  Yes, God does mean business when it comes to obedience, that’s because He loves us and wants the best for us.  Left to our own designs, we’d still be back in the stone age.  But even the most eloquent of Christian orators and writers use humor in their essays and sermons; that’s because there is no prohibition to laughing in church.

I believe that God wants us to laugh.  Why?  Because he gave us the ability to do so.  He knew that in our lives there would be times when we would have to laugh just to keep from going bonkers.  I’ll leave you with one more example of humor in God’s word, well it’s kind of a stretch, but I think you’ll see what I mean:

A DENTAL JOKE <(Click here)

A dentist came home to his wife excited about the day’s events. He had met a fellow dentist who had served in the mission field using his dental skills.

He began, “Marge, I think the Lord wants me to work with the poor in Central America. They are in great need of dental care.”

“Dear husband, it isn’t civilized down there. I’ve heard that they have cockroaches the size of bats. And no running water.”

“Marge, the Lord will provide for our needs and we will be able help people who really need us. Besides, I am sure the Lord is calling me to do this.”

“How do you know the Lord is calling you to do this?”

“Well, I just feel it, and it’s in the Bible.”

“In the Bible? What verse?”

“Let me get it for you. It’s from Psalms 81:

‘I, the LORD, am your God, Who brought you up from the land of Egypt; Open your mouth wide and I will fill it. (Psalm 81:10, NASB)'”

Now don’t tell me you’re not at least chuckling over that one!  If you’re down in the tooth, maybe this will fill you with joy!  God bless you.


Ps. 98:4, 100:1-5, 126:2,

Prov. 17:22

Luke 21

J. Boudreaux


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2 responses to “MOSES WAS A COMEDIAN!

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  1. I can remember my grand-dad explaining God’s sense of humor to me one day. When I asked him how he knew for sure the Lord was good for a laugh, he asked if I’d ever seen a giraffe.

    I’ve always thought there was a little humor in the Garden of Eden, too. When God was sitting around saying, “Oh, Adam – where are you?” he knew exactly where he was. He was just funning with him a little – or so I like to think. 😉

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