My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness; and my mouth shall praise thee with joyful lips:

Ps. 63:5 (KJV)

 America, Canada and South Korea are the only countries in the modern world that I know of that set aside one day a year as a day of  “thanksgiving”.  We all know the story of how America’s thanksgiving celebration originated.  My question is “Why only one day, what about the other 364”?

If we stop and think about it, every breath we take to every blink of an eye, is a gift from God.  Nothing in our lives is of our own doing, because we are dependant upon His grace and mercy for life’s every function.

In 1Thessalonians, 5:18, the apostle Paul tells his readers that they are to be thankful in all things. Did he mean just the good stuff that happens to us?  How about only the things that fill us with joy?  No, in all things.  “Well”, you might say, “I have a terrible situation brought on through no fault of my own.  It just happened!  I’m supposed to be thankful for the discomfort, expense, sorrow, etc. that I’m experiencing”?  No, that’s not what he is saying.  What you should be thankful for is that God, in His infinite mercy, knows that you are suffering and gives you His Holy Spirit to act as your Comforter.  Jesus Himself told his followers that when He left, He would send His Comforter (John 16:7).

The world sometimes does not treat us fairly and no one promised us that it would.  And sometimes it’s hard to be thankful.  But if we remember that God is in control and trust in His unconditional love, unmerited favor and undeserved forgiveness, the world doesn’t have to treat us fairly. As Christians we don’t belong to the world, we are children of a loving Father that meets all of our needs according to His riches in glory (Phil. 4:19)!  When we trust in Jesus, we have everything that we need.  That in itself ought to be cause for every day to be thanksgiving day.  May you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving Day 2012.

Thank you Father for sending your only Son to die a criminal’s death in order that we might be reconciled to You.  Thank You also for Your Holy Spirit’s victory, guidance, peace, strength and wisdom to help us through each day.

J. Boudreaux


Ps. 100


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