WHO ARE YOUR ENEMIES?   2 comments


 Lord, I trust in you only. Don’t let my enemies overcome me.

 Ps. 31:1


Who are your enemies?  Everybody has enemies for one reason or another.  We may have made them ourselves through thoughtless or selfish acts, or they may have come about due to circumstances beyond our control.  Maybe we intentionally hurt someone at work, or perhaps a neighbor, who has just moved next door, is just plain mean, ornery or disrespectful.  The reasons are endless.

But enemies can also be other things. Emotions, attitudes, physiological, medical conditions or physical or mental addictions could be considered enemies.  Not being a religious scholar, I am going to go out on a limb here and say anything that diverts our attention away from our relationship with God could be considered our enemy.

Both Psalm 31 and 35 describe situations where King David, the man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22), implores God to both defend him against and defeat his enemies.  Now, we know from the Bible, that David was both a godly man and hunted man.  One of his biggest enemies was King Saul who was so jealous of his popularity, that he vowed to hunt him down and destroy him.

We also know that another of his biggest enemies was lust as evidenced by his desire and ultimate illicit sexual affair with Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba (2 Samuel:11).  One enemy, Saul, happened not because of what David did to him personally, but because of Saul’s own jealousy.  The other, the adulterous affair, was because of David’s lustful desire. (It should be noted here that Saul suffered from a condition described in the Bible as “a distressing spirit from the Lord” or as we might call it today, depression.  In addition to jealousy, this was another enemy with which Saul was cursed. 1 Samuel 16:14.)

So, you see, enemies don’t necessarily have to be people.  If you are suffering from  fear, a physical or mental addiction, a medical condition, an emotional disorder, these can also be enemies.  Don’t let them “overcome” you.  Psalm 91 says that you don’t have to when it states that “you don’t have to fear the dangers of the day or the plagues of the night or the tragedies of the morning (Ps. 91:5-8.)” You can live within the shadow of the Almighty and enjoy His protection, His healing and His security.  Just trust in Him alone.

 Jay Boudreaux


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2 responses to “WHO ARE YOUR ENEMIES?

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  1. I’ve never considered looking at my different emotions as enemies. I’ve always just skimmed the verses in Psalms about overcoming and defeating our enemies. But your’s is a very interesting way of looking at it. Next time I read a Psalm about enemies, I will certainly be looking at it very differently and taking the promises personally for the first time. Thanks!

    • Leah, Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yes, unfortunately we have more enemies than we realize if we take into consideration the negative factors of life. Of course, our biggest enemy is satan. But, we do have hope in Jesus and may God continue to bless you in the future as He has done in the past. Jay

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